The inauguration begins as a party, a colorful and musical welcome, which gives way to laughter and pleasure until it reaches intensity. These are the films:

Etérea (Gil Inoue y Gabriel Dietrich, Brasil, 2019)

A statement of principles at full brightness and color. In this project, the renowned Brazilian musician Criolo ventures into electronic beats, simultaneously making visible the phobia and culture of violence towards the LGBT population in Brazil.This video clip has been present at various festivals in the world, such as Moinho Cine Fest 2020 (Porto), Choreoscope 2019 (Barcelona), Trans Film Fest 2019 (Stockholm), Pornfilmfestival 2019 (Berlin) and PopPorn 9 (São Paulo), between others.Its protagonists are performers from different groups of São Paulo, showing a musical message of inclusion and resistance, beautiful, artistically well developed, sticky and with a use of color that excites. A current anthem, which helps to face the darkness that has come to Brazil from the neoconservative and neo-fascist Bolsonaro.

In this mini-documentary, the performers talk about their stories, their lives and their fears: Criolo – Etérea (doc)

Fisting Club Ep-1 (Shu Lea Cheang, Germany-England, 2019)

This short film is inspired by the mythical testosterone-filled film “Fight Club” (David Fincher, 1999), where men come together to hit each other, as a way to vent their repressed energies, understanding that the hegemonic masculinity in this society can only express two feelings: joy (contained, of course) and anger. Yes. The universe of feelings and sensations existing in the human being in a patriarchal society, in the man Cis hetero has to be reduced to these two by force, so any other feeling or instinct is expressed through the primitive pleasure is to hit and be hit… Something like a private homoerotic exercise allowed between males. Fisting Club chicks take this idea from the Club and transform it into space where fists are also used … but from parody, in a much smarter and, of course, pleasant way. They say: if we are going to enjoy ourselves with our fists, let’s do it seriously! With the 8 rules of the club, they turn fisting into an emancipatory and exciting act. A funny short, which brings together well-known sex performers such as Jiz Lee, Sadie Lune and Lina Bembe, along with emerging figures such as Romy Furie and Sky Deep. Also, highlight Paul B. Preciado as the author of the voiceover lyrics.

W/Hole (Mahx Capacity, U.S.A., 2019)

W / Hole is the first feature film made by AORTA films, an American production company founded by performers Mahx Capacity, Ginny Woolf and Parts Authority, dedicated to making experimental queer / feminist films, and A.O. Movement Collective. Under the premises of collaboration and the search for diversity, they propose creative processes that are safe and enthusiastically consensuaded, seeking to make material that develops new narratives of porn and pleasure. This is a film that, through performance, investigates the limits of pleasure through its exploration and search in all its expressions and in a queer, anti-oppressive and transinclusive feminist context. This journey begins with the verbal description of the sensations that cause different experiences, things, songs, moments and acts that generate pleasure to each one of the protagonists. From this simple act of verbalizing, the concept becomes conscious and we can understand the development of the rest of the film; because we went from what was said to what was physically expressed through the movement, then to the decontextualization of the word and to the action. As we move forward in the minutes, we immerse ourselves in the depth of pleasures, with all its complexity and its most radical expressions, without ever losing the complicity and deep respect for the part that undergoes such exploration. Finally, the limits of pleasure are as diffuse as intense, and this film presents them with a sincere montage, full of subtleties and care; the camera being a silent witness who tries not to invade the territory of the action.