This screening is based on the idea that porn, in addition to causing excitement, is capable of producing aesthetic enjoyment. For tastes, colors, and here the whole spectrum fits. In all the projected short films there is a formal and symbolic intention that relates them, but that speaks from different approaches and subjects. Welcome to “Pornographic Saturations”:

Tschüss (Virar Films, Argentina, 2019)

Video clip of VIRAR project, composed by Julián Merlo and Diego Stickar. Both Argentine photographers and filmmakers, who have come together to generate content that addresses pornography from a new place, focusing on themes such as nudism, the limit between the sensual, erotic, pornographic, exhibitionism, voyeurism and unconventional practices.
This video shows us an approach to nudism and the naturalization of bodies, either by presenting them as part of a formal / spatial composition, or by breaking them down into parts that conjugate in the movement; along with the representation of actions related to pleasure: touching, smelling, dancing.

Ritual Waves (Lina Bembe, Germany, 2019)

Short film directed and performed by Lina Bembe, makes us spectators of healing ritual practices centered on the celebration of sexual agency.
An intimate, introspective environment, where each present element becomes symbolic upon contact with water and the camera realizes that, blurring the shapes, becoming part of an orgasm that flows like a wave…

Human Botany (Four Chambers, England, 2017)

A short film by the Four Chambers, collaborative project, led by Vex Ashley, intending to explore the aesthetic and conceptual potential of pornography as a medium for ideas. In this short film, we seek to treat bodies as botany, in an extreme approach, as a graphic scientific investigation that shows them in their maximum intimacy, but also dissociates them and makes them anonymous. They are 9 performers impossible to identify, because we only know parts of them, in shots that play with the focus and light and detail.

A careful montage that relates scenes with botanical images and scenes of bodies in a high-definition close-up, makes this an aesthetically captivating piece, very delicate while strange, sticky and grotesque. It is undoubtedly an aesthetic enjoyment.

Forged Obscenities (Four Chambers, England, 2019)

This is the first part of a series in which Four Chambers  develops ideas about obscenity, censorship, body, excess and restriction, falsehood and reality; based on the alchemical process of the Magnus Opus (Great Work), that transforms a raw material into gold. A metaphor that analyzes the ability to reread certain acts and bodily matters considered obscene and “raw material”, which in sex can be powerful and transcendent. The process, in simple terms, consists of 4 stages: blacken, white, yellow and red. In this first part of the series, red and yellow are explored. Body and visceral materials linked to these colors, materials usually considered ‘immoral’, usually censored, considered gross and offensive; They are transformed, transmuted into the elixir, gold, something precious. Film alchemy. The profane and the sacred.
“People often talk about sex in terms of ‘chemistry’ but, for me, it’s always alchemy. Something more abstract and less rigid. Connecting something earthly, mundane and gross with the transcendental magic that sex can bring. The sacred and the profane in one.” (Vex)

A short film that has a beautiful formal treatment of color in scenes that give aesthetic and symbolic depth to the story of the sexual act.

The Multiverse in a Mouthfuck (Jorge The Obscene, Germany – Chile, 2019)

“The multiverse in a mouthfuck” is a metaphysical journey of self-discovery, from the seven principles of Hermeticism to the seven keys to controlling our reality.

Jorge the Obscene takes us inside his mind and shows us in an accurate way how thoughts play simultaneously while doing a blowjob in a dark room. In state of trance, he immerses himself in a transcendental journey that connects him with the truth of the universe. With a suggestive lighting and hypnotic music, the subjectivity in the camera and the symbolic images that connect us with his voiceover, make this short film, in addition to an aesthetic joy, a fantastic introspective speech, with a round rhythm and structure; which makes us enter his mental state and live with him this trip.

Tribute (Max Disgrace, England, 2018)

Directed by Max Disgrace and performed by Max Disgrace and Lina Bembe, Tribute reimagines the idea of a lesbian cruising zone in London, in response to the film “Sex, Lies, Religion” (1993) by Annette Kennerley.

The timeless and distant atmosphere that delivers the treatment of the image and the black & white, along with the short distance scenes that show actions of power and submission, in addition to the careful sound work; give us a sense of reverie and nostalgia, like an erotic fantasy suspended in time, an illusion that reveals the imaginary of lesbian cruising (almost nonexistent in these times) where the London Abney Park cemetery in Stoke Newington is used (the historic cruising area where Annette Kennerley filmed her film decades ago) as the setting for this filmed free sexual expression.


Rubix (Rubis Collective, France, 2018)

El Rubis Collective It is a collective of artists who intend to do gay pornography with the narrative as the center of sexual representation. They advocate making the movies they want to see, where “put the narrative in sex or sex in the narrative.”

In Rubix, we find a story that plays with the dream and sensory through color and retro aesthetics, the characterization of the performers and the change of visual register, which connects the protagonist (a lonely sailor) with fantasies that become tangible in this place of freedom and promiscuity. The Rubi is a fiery pink universe, where everything is possible.