This time, I cannot leave out the shorts. I appreciate having seen the full session of the New Visions shorts, almost all excellent. Here are my favourites:


When you are able to laugh under that cloud of desolation that the context implies, you know that you are facing a good movie. From the Spanish director Toni Comas, it’s a simple story, a moment; but that shows all the implicit bleakness in one of the worst nuclear disasters of our era. My favourite.


Polish short film, directed by Katarzyna Gondek. Fable of a hunter’s son, born with deer horns. Beautifully filmed, not a word is necessary to tell the story. Guess how it ends.


German short film, by directors Till Sander-Titgemeyer and Diego Hauenstein. Some fishermen take a box out of the river, which seems to be the town itself… An original script and good FX. Of those shorts worth seeing.

The yewels

Let us agree that to earn the title of “jewel”, a film has to move either aesthetically or through the script. They are some films that do not go out of your head when the lights are on and you leave the room. I start with them:

The good ones

Come on, they can not be all jewels, but these are worth it, and a lot:


There are movies that are really  a poem by themselves … or not. Those  you cannot say that are bad … until those 5 minutes arrive leaving them on the ground. Or it may be that the script surprises you, but that it does not finish curdling to consider it really good… You might even understand nothing of what they are showing you. In brief, there are some films that at the end you say: WTF!… Some films like these: